Sephora Collection

Art Direction
Activation Opportunities
Photo Art Direction
Retail Print Design

Boyoung Lee

Liz Collins, Photographer
Kanji Ishii, Sill Photographer
Matteo Bolgna, Type Design
Jessica Lee, Illustrator
Emily Brucker, Art Director
Andrea Jia Yin, Digital Art Director
​​​​​​​Jeanne Kim, Digital Art Director
Melissa Edgar, Designer
Grace Lee, Designer
Kaley Rider, Designer

I had the amazing opportunity to work on the re-brand of Sephora's own product line, Sephora Collection. With this project, I collaborated with Art Director Emily Brucker to research our target market, developed our strategy around how to visually speak to our market, came up with playful ways to incorporate illustration and typography into our customer experience, kicked off the brands instagram handle (with the digital team), worked with the team at Mucca to design a new hand written font for the brand, and established an identity system so both the retail and digital teams can execute the new brand look and feel properly. 

In addition to what the in-house teams collaborated on, we worked closely with the team at odopod to make our Tinder-like shopping experience come to life. Our users could now quickly find what they wanted, loved and needed in a swipe!

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